Throughout this entire blog I have focused mainly on what I have seen on fashion magazines, Instagram, and blogs. Today is going to be a little bit more personal. The title of this blog is “On My Heels”, it’s a play on words but it’s also an ode to my love for heels! I was that girl that only wore flats, sandals, and pumps. Prior to 2015 I never wore sneakers unless I was going to the gym, I just couldn’t understood the concept of wearing Nikes casually. When I started seeing everyone and their mom wearing Yeezy’s I finally entertained the idea of rocking sneakers for other reasons beside going to the gym.

There was just one problem, I didn’t know a single thing about sneakers. My sneaker knowledge two years ago was three stripes means Adidas, checkmark equals Nike, and Converse. With a little research and a friend (a self proclaimed “sneakerhead“) I purchased my first pair of sneakers.

Nike Huarache

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Technically my first pair of sneakers were Converse, but those don’t really count do they?

Since I first purchased my Huarache’s I’ve become obsessed with sneakers and I now have a mental list of the sneakers that I want to buy. Shortly after I bought these Adidas shoes, which I would say are probably my favourite sneakers now.

Adidas Originals Womens Tubular Defiant

Get these shoes here!

I don’t even know what shoes I was wearing before I started getting into sneakers. I wear my sneakers so much that all of my heels are definitely collecting dust in my closet. Regardless, I’m still hoping to get a pair of Yeezy’s!


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