Fad or Fab: Hollywood’s Favourite Pumps

Welcome back to the second round of Fad or Fab! So I try my best to stay connected to what the new fashion trends that all your favourite celebrities are experimenting with and I have been noticing that there are certain shoes that everyone in the industry is clearly obsessed with. How do I know? Well when you see two or more fabulous women rocking the same heel you start asking questions. I always knew that the entertainment industry was small but they can’t all be sharing the same stylists.

We are three months into the new year and there seems to be a trend brewing and that trend is change. Every industry seems to be leaning to revolutionize the status quo and the fashion industry is no exception. With concepts like Laquan Smith’s fashion forward interpretation of the thigh high boot known as the Puffer Boot, the industry is pushing the envelope and it has not gone unnoticed. As we may all know when things start to change either people are either going to embrace it or resist. The shoes I’m about to show you have clearly been embraced by Hollywood’s elite so let’s check them out!

Gianvito Rossi Agusta Velvet Sandals

Image result for gianvito rossi augusta sandals

These shoes are available in Navy and Red

These shoes have been worn by fashionistas like supermodel Ashley Graham, Olivia Palermo, and Khloe Kardashian. I think these shoes are  clean and simple, and is a new interpretation on the classic sandal so FAB!

Image result for gianvito rossi augusta sandals                             Image result for gianvito rossi augusta sandals


DKNY Sneaker Boot

Image result for dkny sneaker boots

Remember how I was talking about change? This is definitely one of the riskier fashion statements I was thinking about. I have thought long and hard about this and I have tried to convince myself into thinking that I could one day like these shoes, but I really can’t. I’m hoping this is a fad but who knows, Bella Hadid and Keke Palmer seem to be loving them though.

Related image                                Image result for celebrities dkny sneaker boots


Manolo Blahnik x Vetements Full Length Boot 
Image result for manolo blahnik vetements full length boots

These boots are literally full length, they go all the way to the waist. It all goes back to change and surprisingly I really like these boots. They are so different! I would have never thought of creating an exaggerated thigh high boot. However, I’m going to break my own rules here and say they are fab but I don’t think they will be around for long ultimately making it a fad. In conclusion they are both FAB and FAD! Check out how Kim and Rihanna wore these awesome boots.

Image result for manolo blahnik vetements full length boots                  Image result for manolo blahnik full length boots kim


Dsquared2 Satin Lace Up Embellished Sandals 

lace-up embellished satin sandals shoes Woman Dsquared2

Available with purple, pink, and black satin

I am obsessed with these shoes! I could probably write a short essay about why these shoes are absolutely amazing but simply put the visual elements of this shoe is so unique. Looking at these shoes in the picture I wouldn’t be surprised if others may not be sure about this but it so beyond fab plus I think Fergie and Brandi Maxiell agree!

Strapped Up...
Dress: @houseofcb #latexdress 
Shoes: @dsquared2 
Stallion: @brandimaxiell 😝
Glam Squad: @saddity_hair @zellswag @makeupbymila
📸: @addtheaccent                          Image result for fergie daily front row red carpet


Gucci Sandals with Removable Latex Sock 

Image result for gucci sandals with latex

Gucci, Gucci, Gucci you have outdone yourself! I am living for this fashion forward statement, a removal latex sock? Gucci has just taken fashion innovation to the next level. These shoes are so fab they’ve left me speechless. Fergie is clearly gets it because she’s making another appearance alongside reality star Rasheeda Frost.

Image result for fergie daily front row after party        Image result for GUCCI isle latex sandals rasheeda


Which shoes do you think are FAB or FAD?






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