OK. So why shoes really? I don’t have any deep stories about how shoes saved my life or whatever. I just really like shoes and I always have. Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a young girl who lived in Calgary. One day the young girl and her mom were shopping and the young girl decided to take a risk. Within minutes the girl had a pile of shoes and clothes walked over to the cash and brought it to her mother. The mother looked at her daughter, laughed and said, “You like really nice things you better be rich when you’re older.” Needless to say the young girl never saw those items again.

That girl was me. DUH! In all seriousness those words motivated me, guess where my first serious retail job was. It was a little piece of heaven on earth, a shoe store. I went from window shopping to buying shoes every other pay-check. Those discounts were the bane of my existence. Seriously, I dream about those discounts bi-weekly and I haven’t worked there in years.


The shoes that started this all.

Still. Why shoes? I love shoes obvs, but guess what shoes are reliable. When your weight is fluctuating and you’re trying to figure out what size you are today versus the size you were last week, guess what! Your shoe size stays the same. I have less trust issues with shoes, I know that when I go to Zara I need to grab a 41. When I go to Aldo I know upon arrival I’ll be praying that they carry¬†a 9.5 in the style I need. When I put my heels on I feel good and look good guaranteed. Plus when all else fails an amazing pair of shoes will never let you down.


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